Sunday, June 05, 2005

Choices (part 2)

Sometimes making choices can be so tough and easy at the same time.. You just need a little nudge at the back from someone or from an incident to help you along in your choices..

Sometimes, everything is actually so clear and so obvious to you but due to some obstacles, you are blinded. In the process, you became so confused and find it hard to make up your mind to decide on what you actually want.

Then, came along something or someone and make you see everything clearer and helped you indirectly in making your choices. And you will see that everything is actually so clear and obvious in the first place and you will actually be laughing at yourself why is it that you are so confused in the first place.

Thats how weird and funny things are..

But then again, upon making up your mind, you began to think if the choices that you made is wrong. The problem is that there are no ways that would allow you to peek into the future to see if the choices that you made is the right one and not filled with traps and voids that would lead to hurt and pain.

Thats how sickening life is..

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