Thursday, June 30, 2005

"The more desperate we are for someone, the less we mean to them."

That really drives home the point, doesn't it? Its a screwed up case of taking people for granted.

I am really impressed with SPG's blog and her inner thoughts! Shes got a really cool personality too, and the best thing is she knows it.

Its such a shame that those dimwits who think that they are so saintly and who has nothing better to do than to judge people are making her life miserable. It would seem that these fucking idiots are concentrating more on her nipples than her words and her writings. For fuck sake, just give her a break and let her nipple go will ya! They are just nipples! You have them too! What the fuck is wrong with seeing nipples! Babies suck on them, and occasionally you might even have sucked on them before too or your nipples might even be the target of sucking too and I dare say that you enjoyed it! So what the hell is wrong with showing a beautiful nipple?! Its just nipples, 2 brown little tiny patches of skin on your chest... Can also be pink or even black too.. Its part of your anatomy for Christ sake..!

Anyway, back to SPG's blog, which is so much more a better read than some mindless bantering on certain blogs..

Way to go girl..! And show more of your nipples! Slap those bloody tight-assed motherfuckers with your nipples! Slap them hard and show them the fun that you are having! LOL!

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