Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Tits really can do wonders, even in the world of blogging. Just look at the amount of attention that SPG's tits generated for her blog..! Then again, its really quite a nice pair of tits at that too, they are perky, they are firm and they are just of the right size, not humongous like the papaya that shes chewing nor small like the seeds of the same papaya. No wonder they helped SPG gathered throngs of fans to her site so much so that she exceeded her bandwidth!

Sometimes I really wonder whats the big deal about tits.. There are just a pair of flesh that only comes in handy, perhaps once or twice or even thrice during a woman's lifespan. Its just a pair of tits! I was even told that they are just milkbags! Ok, its a tad insulting to call woman's breasts milkbags, but come to think of it, its true! They are milkbags! And the only time it comes in handy is when they are needed to contain milk! However it would seem to many people, tits are like a pair of holy, sacred jewels. Perhaps its the idea that they are not always seen in public or perhaps its just out of curiousty that some people just like to look at them. Perhaps thats the true reason why SPG's blog generated so much attention, curious onlookers..

With so much attention generated over her blog, I have yet to read about one which commented her on her style of writing. If you even bother to read before zooming in on her pair of perky tits, you would find that she quite a good writer. She witty, shes daring and most of all, she has a stron stle of writing. She does not swear, much. And she does not write too much crap either, at least not that much that is expected of a 19 year old girl. Its quite an eye-opener to read about the stuff that she wrote, considering her age. She sound more like a 25 or even 30 year old woman. And the best thing about reading her blog is that her writing is so much more fresher than a certain famous Singaporean blogger, who for some reason like to rant and swear, much like a bimbo actually.

Some would condemn SPG as a slut for using her body to attract attention while others would say that shes a tough young lady who loves her body so much that she wants to show everyone the beauty of it. I say, shes just being herself. A blog is for the owner to express him/herself. Its her blog, she has all the rights in the whole damn bloody world to put whatever she wants, for Christ sake! Besides I happen to think posing in nude is rather cool. Like her, I think woman's body are the most beautiful piece of art ever created. If she has the courage to show it to the rest of the world, all the better! And I admired her courage for doing that.


midsummerprism said...

Nyap! You are so right!

Anonymous said...

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