Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gotten chased while plucking mangoes!

Leon was telling us today that back in hometown of Fujian province, he used to have so much fun during his childhood, walking dogs, cows (yes cows!), having rabbits and guinea pigs for dinners (yikes!) and and the best of all, stealing his neighbours' mangoes! Hahahah!! Somehow he said that other people's mangoes just seem to taste a lot better than his family's ones..! Probably from the thrill of running from the really pissed-off owners! There was this time when he and his cousin went to steal his mangoes from a neighbour of his and end up his cousin got caught. The man tied the poor kid to the tree with his arms up above his head on a branch and instructed Leon to get money to 'bail" him out! Kaoz..!

And then it would also seem that such habits die hard. There was a group of friends who tried to steal mangoes from the courtyard in the Fuchow University (incidentally that was where my grandparents originated from!) and was chased by 3 guards. They ran of course and jumped into a lake to escape from their "chasers". They probably think that they had a chance of swimming away.. The problem was that one of them can't swim! Stupid!! So all their "chasers" need to do was to stand at the side of the lake and wait for them to get out of the water! Muahahahahahah!! This is hilarious!!! In the end, the chap who couldn't swim went to take up swimming lessons!! My toes are still laughing while I am writing this!! I had never heard of a more dumber thief! Muahahahaha!!!

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