Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Babies!

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Got nothing to do on a terribly boring afternoon and not wanting to appear like I am slacking, I decided to mess up my table and update my blog, using email, again! Ain't I clever?

Went through my personal folders and found some rather interesting pictures. These are all my "babies". They are all under my charge, big trucks too. If only I can afford them! I think the Citroen C3 are kind of attractive, small, round and cute..

Speaking of trucks, I was at the yard last week trying to think of a way for the drivers to drive them out since the entrance/exit point was blocked. As usual, being the blur sotong that I am, I was looking at my cellphone and replying my boss instead of looking at the ground that I was walking. There was a 15 cm long rusty metal rod sticking out from the ground and I did not notice. So, the inevitable happened and the rod got entangled with my sandal and I sprained my foot. It was painful as hell! The most fortunate thing was that the rod was entangled with my right sandal instead of me stepping right ONTO the rod. Otherwise the rod would have pierced through my foot and I would be staked there like a scarecrow, and I would be updating my blog in the hospital instead of here.. Come to think of it, this possibility is very scary.. Ouch!

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