Sunday, May 08, 2005

window felled

My family almost killed someone early this morning. One of our window panes crashed 14 level down when it came loose and dropped off..! Sheesh.. One moment it was there, the next moment, it just went "plang" at the first floor! Its like slow motion in a movie.. The front portion got detached and then the whole thing floated down 14 levels and landed at the exact same spot where an Indian sweeper was a min ago! WTF!!

The worse thing was that I was shitting when the whole incident happened..! Halfway through my concentration, I heard my mum screaming "窗口掉下去了!!" and the whole commotion was followed with a loud "plang" sound.. WTF!! Freaked me out manz!!!

It was really lucky that there was no one at the spot when the thing fell down.. If there is, you might have to see me living on the streets or worse, eating 黑豆饭了!

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