Friday, May 13, 2005

Strange sighting

I was in the printing room today trying to transmit a file over to Custom with Tradenet. Ama was also in the room and she went first while I was standing beside her, waiting for my turn.

Now, Am is a big and round friendly lady and she likes to chat. Its quite nice talking to her except for the fact that she got a little bad breathe and I tend to keep a distance while talking to her.

Anyway, she was sitting down in front of the computer and her boobs happened to be in line with the table top so she was actually resting them on the table top. Its quite a funny sight but oh well, there was nothing wrong with that. And keeping in mind that shes a rather big lady so her boobs, shall we say, are more bigger than normal.. And I was chatting with her happily when I realized that her hand was resting on the table and was actually squeezing her boobs!! I was like, "Eh, I know you got big boobs which are nice and firm to squeeze but can you do that only in private?! And if you like, you can get your hubby to give you a hand too! " Of course I did not say this to her directly but I was having a hard time trying not to stare at her mountains being squeezed! Wah lau eh!

After a while, I guess she got tired and stopped. Well, they were a pair of big boobs so I guess squeezing them took a substantiable amount of her energy!!

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