Saturday, May 28, 2005

Traumatizing affair!

Just came back from my lasik and I am seeing without the help of glasses again! Finally after 14 years of seeing things through lens, (I started wearing glasses since I was 9 years old) I am now able to see again! Its very amazing when you are able to see things independently without the help of glasses..! However the whole affair was very traumatizing and scary for me.. Why? Read further....

Firstly, my appointment was at 4pm but I had to wait until 5.30pm to be called into the operating room. It really got on my nerves cos I want to get over the affair as soon as possible!

Next, after I changed and was waiting in the operating room, my eyes were cleaned throughly by a nurse. She did it so throughly that the cotton pad actually went into contact with my eyeball! And my eyes were tearing like mad after that, especially after she dripped some kind of solution into my eyeballs.. Then into the operating room I went..

The procedure on the right eye was smooth and went well. But I was very tensed up.. You would be if your eyes were tearing like mad and yet they were being forced open and bright lights were shone directly onto it! Its not only that.. I realized after the operation that the nurses were supposed to give me a sedative pill to calm me down so that I wouldn't feel so nervous and tense and they actually forgot about it!! So I was squirming and my fingers were clutched so tightly together that the doctor had to calm me down and held my chin so that my head would not move!

Then, after the procedure on my right eye, I was asked to wait at the recovery room while the laser technician or the doctor recalibrate the laser for my left eye. I was trembling in the waiting room for the turn on my left eye and I think I freaked out a lady waiting there for her turn!

Anyway, after the recalibration, I was asked to go in again and I lied onto the operating bed. The doctor then forced open my left eye and bright light was shone onto my left eye this time. Everything was proceeding on schedule but as soon as the microkerotame started to cut the flap of my cornea on my left eye, I knew something was wrong cos I felt pain! I wasn't supposed to feel anything except for the pressure on my eyeball! Then I realized that its either cos the anesthesia dripped onto my left eye was starting to wear off or the nurses did not dripped enough on my left eye! I was freaked out by this thought but I was not able to say anything cos the incision was already made and I was told not to talk cos this would contort my face and shift my head and the precision of the laser would be off..! So I lied there, getting tenser by the minutes and praying that the whole thing would end soon. I had a good mind to sit up and scold the doctor upside down for putting me into this predicament!!

Then the most traumatizing part came. The doctor lifted up the flap and start to shone the laser onto my eyeball. As soon as the laser came into contact with my eyeball, I felt a sharp pain, and I twitched my head involuntarily! But I can't help it cos its a natural reaction to the pain.. The doctor scolded me for doing that! "Iris, you are not supposed to do that! Its no laughing matter and it has very serious consequences!!" I freaked out and almost cried out from the tension and the sharp pain but I had to bear with it and waited for the whole event to end. Got no choice too cos the whole procedure had already started! Man...! Its very very traumatizing!! Wah lau!

Anyway, the whole procedure went fine but I was tearing like mad after the thing. The doctor gave me a check up directly after that and I was allowed to go back.. Thinking back, I think I was actually quite brave to have gone through the whole procedure!! Wow!

Now, I am able to see without the need of glasses but its still not perfect eyesight yet. And I was told that I might need a re-treatment since my power was very high to start with and a first time correction might not be enough. But I would have to wait until 3 to 6 months before my eyesight stabalised again and then I will know if I would need a second treatment, meaning a second traumatizing affair for my poor eyeballs.... At this thought, I really feel like crying........!

But I am going to bear with it the second time if I had to, I want to be able to see clearly without any glasses..!

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