Friday, May 20, 2005

Gastric and men

Had a real bad gastric pain this afternoon cos I was too hungry and ate too fast. I gulped down my food and got indigestion.. Manz, the pain was so awful, and with my boss breathing down my neck to complete my figures for him, it was really awful!

When Mike called me to ask me something, and found out that I got gastric pain, he said "ok lah, I help you find a boyfriend to take care of you ok!" If I was not so much in pain, I would have laughed at him. Actually I did managed a weak laugh and told him that I don need a man. He got so confused and puzzled by my reply that he asked "you like sisters ah? Cannot tell leh! If you want, I also got some friends who like sisters too, I intro them to you want?" This time, I can't help it and really laughed my head off!! On the one hand, I was laughing at his naivety and on the other, I was really tickled by his tone, he sound so serious!!

Then he turned serious and asked me how come I am so weird, don need a man..! I don know if I should laugh or to cry..! Here I was in pain and there he was trying to pry my privacy..! And I shut him up by saying, "No, I don need a man" And he answered, "ok lah, at least not now at the moment lah, but tell me if you do, I can intro you some yan daos!"

Kaoz, I don know whether to scream at him that I was really in pain or to laugh until my tummy burst!!

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