Sunday, May 08, 2005


Met up with ML and JP yesterday. Its been a long time since I met these 2 ladies and boy did they change a lot! Hahaha! And there was a lot of chatching up to do..! That hiao-por ML went to blow almost $2k on cutting her eyelid. She justified it by saying that shes got a lazy eyelid and so she wanted to balance it. The effect is quite amazing actually. It did make her look more refreshed and chio! lol! Well, shes got the money so might as well do something that she liked.. At least shes not afraid of the pain! Way to go girl!!

As for JP, shes also doing something about her face. For some weird reason, shes been getting quite a lof of marks on her face. She used to have the one of the fairest complexion amoung us all but after going for some facial thingy, her face starts to sprout red marks. Shes been seeing a doc and I hope she get well soon. Hey, JP, maybe you should just change your face products?

Anyway, the 3 of us met up yesterday and had a fun time catching up, on work, boys and friends.. Seems like the 2 of them have been quite busy with boys!

Its just too bad that I was having a bad nose and throat so I wasn't really paying much attention to the details. I did remember that I was wheezing and sneezing all the way until midnight yesterday! Poor me...

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