Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pa Jiao!

Today shall be a brand new day for my eyes! i will be going for Lasik to get rid of my Pa Jiao-ness!!

Have been looking forward to this since I booked the appointment with Optimax in April and the day is finally here! WooHoo!!

Went for the pre-op eye examination on Tue and was really impressed with the professionalism of the stuff there. My eyes were tested left right centre and after the dilation of my pupils, my vision got a little blur especially when I am looking at near objects. I think the reason is that the pupils need to contract when they are forcusing on near objects and since they are being forced to dilate, it gets blurry when I am looking at near distance.. Just my logic, I have no idea if thats the case though. In any case, the feeling is weird and I felt a little giddy cos of the unbalance.

Anyway, back to today! The operation is at 4pm in the afternoon but I will be going there early. For what, you ask? To shop of course!! City Square, Rotiboy! Hah! As if there are a lot of stuff to see there! Actually the place is very large but the stuff sold there are not very suitable except for maybe their fashion wear like MNG etc.. Which I can find in Singapore anyway.. Its just that I want to check into the hotel earlier, drop my bag there and then explore around the place.. Boring? At least its better than being cooped up at the hotel!

Ok friends, wish me luck for my op and I shall see you in a different light after the op! :D

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