Sunday, February 27, 2005


I saw a most incredible thing yesterday when I was returning home yesterday. There was some event organised by the Residential Commitee and they invited quite a lot of guests to have dinner. Something like a seventh month getai. The commitee also invited some singers, who gave a new definition to the word screeching and cocks crowing..! Man, they should really be shot at point blank for toturing my ears!! Anyway, that was not the most incredible thing that I saw.. I saw something so hideous that I can't believe it when I first saw it. I even took a second and third look to make sure that my eyes are not playing games with me..

There was this pair of young ladies, probably about 25-26 years old and they were singing on the stage. Its nothing out of the ordinary even though they sound like some old mamasan trying her darnest to sing. The incredible thing was their costume. The both of them were wearing a very very very hot and sexy nurse outfit! For those unitiated young and innocent kids out there reading this, dressing up as sexy nurses is actually a form of foreplay in bedroom affairs. To put it even more direct, it means women dress up as sexy nurses to turn men on. For some unknownd reason, the sight of tight and sexy nurses seem to have an effect on the male reproductive organ and men generally like the feeling.

Ok, back to the 2 girls. One of them was wearing a nurse's dress that was so short that I sincerely hoped she does not attempt to bend over. And the top 3-4 buttons were undone so anyone who is standing in front of her will be able to see her river valley. As for the other girl, she was in a two piece costume. She had a really small and tiny mini-skirt. Her top was only covering her bra which was not even properly covered in the first place. She had a red bra and like the first girl, her first 3-4 buttons of her top were undone. To top off the whole outfit, both of them were wearing cute little nurse's cap with a red cross printed on it and they were in tall white boots with killer heels. As they were singing and trying their darnest to dance without revealing any more, there were smoke on the stage to create a fairy-tale atmosphere, as much lame as the idea was..

My first reaction was "OMFG! The RC having a porn session?!" My eye balls almost popped out.. There were so many kids around. Probably they think that the 2 jie-jies on stage looked cute and sweet but I strongly doubt that was the last thing on the minds of the old ah peks that were crowding around the stage. It seemed like all of the Ah Peks in my neighbourhood came out in full force to support their idols last night! Wow! They sure were loyal fans man..! I was really surprised that none of them had a bloody nose or an erection on the spot last night. Then again, I wouldn't know if they had an erection or not, I wasn't really concentrating on the Ah Peks, the sight on the stage was so much more interesting..! I really wished I had a camera to shoot some pictures, it would certainly make my blog more interesting to any hot-blooded males here!!

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