Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Stupidity teeth op

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Had a major wisdom teeth operation on the 15 Feb and went to take out my stiches today. I had liquid food for almost a week. Was hoping to at least maybe lose some weight but alas, that was not to be..!

Anyway, it was a really painful experience.. There was a point during the operation when the dentist did not give me enough anaesthesia and I can feel the saw going through my gum. I squirmed and thank God the dentist knew how to read my body language and inject more anaesthesia into me.. After the terrible ordeal, the right side of my mouth was numbed for the rest of the day. It felt funny cos when I drink from a cup, only half of my mouth can feel the cup.. I was in pain for the rest of the day too.. Drank watery porridge for 3 days after that and the most solid food that I could take was bread soaked in milk.. Anything harder than that would feel like a hard rock in my mouth.. Poor me..! I cannot laugh too hard or my mouth would stretch and the stich might come out.. Cannot even open my mouth wide enough to put in a piece of pineapple tart!

Now there is a lump of flesh in my wound, especially the upper one cos the tooth has been take out and the area got sunken in. Other than that, everything feels fine.
Breakdown of the operation:
Checkup at polyclinic = $25
Preliminary X Ray = $57
Operation cost = $33 (Actual cost = $642.10 but govt subsidise $315.53 and the rest I paid by Medisave)
Removal of stiches = $27
Total I paid = $142 (excluding the transportation cost)
Fwah!! I actually paid so much to take out 2 stupid teeth!!

Packet of teeth

Now, I am faced with another problem. I have 2 milk teeth that fit nicely and snugly into my set of teeth but dentist told me that the adjacent teeth will decayed sooner or later cos of food getting stuck in between. She advised me to take out the 2 teeth and have braces but the total cost would be around $3k!! Gosh.. Maybe I should just pluck them out and put dentures at the spacing instead.. At least, that would be cheaper!!

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