Monday, February 21, 2005

first post.. well, not exactly...

Been a long time since i start to blogging.. Its laziness and tireness that "discourages" me from blogging.. heh..! Goldfish and bunny keep encouraging me to continue blogging and since I also got nothing to do online most of the time so I figure might as well pen down my daily thoughts and feelings here..! Kinda fun if you ask me.. Quite silly actually come to think of it since I already have a blog, which I think by now must be defunct.. That blog was actually created for me to rant on my previous job, which those of you who know me would know how miserable I felt when I was working in that company.. Sad..

Anywayz, its a closed chapter of my life. I am moving on BUT I learnt from my mistakes and I am going to remember the experiences from there and remind myself constantly to NOT make the same mistakes again!! The main thing is to move on man!! Get out of the shadows..!! Fwah.. Sounds like I am really traumatised by the experiences there.. Trust me, I was..! Phew..!

This new blog shall signifies a new chapter of my life..! As of this hour, I am going to start afresh with whatever I am doing and I am going to try my damnest to be a less forgetful and blur..! Hah! I think this is going to be reaaaalllllyyyy tough man!!! I need help!! Arghhh..!!

With this new blog, and my beloved iBee, I can do more things than the previous one..! So exciting!! I can also upload pictures..!! Woohoo!! The previous one is kinda slow in loading and I also have no idea how to upload pictures on it since my pesky sis refuse to teach me.. Selfish brat.. Never mind, I am going to make this my very own blog and put in stuffs that are memorable for me here.

And yes, perhaps I am not going to show so many people what I blog here.. Gotta keep the sordid details of my life a secrets after all!! Heh, maybe I shall even post a picture of myself in my birthday suit here..! I bet some of you can't wait to see that eh..! *evil laugh*

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