Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ozzie's teeth

Originally uploaded by blurfroggie.

I think me and Ozzie must be cursed, losing our teeth over the same few days.

Shortly after I took out my stupidity teeth, Ozzie's milk teeth also began to fall. I think I helped to accelerate her loss. She was playing with me on a ball of rope and I was holding too it tight when she suddenly tugged at the rope hard. Then she begane to lick her mouth and shake her head. I noticed something wrong but thought nothing of it when she continued playing with me. THEN.. I noticed blood on her rope..! A day after that, her teeth began to drop, piece by piece. What you see here are actually some pieces.

Sis said its normal and there is no big deal. Even if Ozzie were to swollow the teeth, she will still shit them out in the end..!

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