Thursday, February 24, 2005


I am really a lazy bum.. A big one at that too.. Its been only the 2nd day of work and I am very tired already.. I missed the days when I don't have to get up so early in the morning and rush everyhing to prepare for work. Then at the office, rush my work and then at the end of the day, prepare to go home with the day repeating itself again. I am really sick of such life.. How har? Someone helps me get over this... I just want to stay at home and play with my iBook, download Bittorrents, chatting until late in the night and then sleep until late in morning the next day.. No money but then who needs money when I am always home all day?! I spent so much lesser when I am not working.. No transportation expenses, no clothing expenses and no food expenses..! Its so much fun to be a lazy bum!! Haiz.. I seriously need help getting over this kind of sentiments.. I am such a lazy bum.. I think its fated that I got this job cos I wasn't even seriously looking in the first place..!! This job just kinda fall onto my lap.. I did not even prepare much for the interview and was not even looking forward to my first day at work, other than getting the handphone! :D

Anyway, luckily I got something to look forward to at the end of the day, my faithful iBook!! Otherwise, I would have nothing to do at home and be even boreder..!! Heh!

Just finished watching Resident Evil Apocalyspe which I spent like 3 days downloading.. Drats, I spent some much time and effort to download a show that has the effect of wacthing a friendly VCD version.. Idiot... Might as well go Pasar Malam to get the disc.. Darn it..

I think I am get more and more vulgar, cho lor etc.. I have been swearing a lot lately.. And when I am angry, all sorts of colourful language will just got blurt out.. hmmm... I wonder who influenced me...? Its a lucky thing that I was not being pissed at work for these 2 days otherwise I think all my collegues would be really shocked..! You gotta admit, my face does not matched my behavior at all..

I was late this morning and almost missed the bloody bus.. If that happens, then Adios man.. I would have to take a cab down to my office and the fare would not be cheap cos the place is always jam, big time jams...

I have become more acceptable to trance music now.. in fact, I enjoy listening to them now! I have even been downloading trance musics of unknownd DJs..! This is a big change for me, at least thats what I think.. I hated such music cos they gave me headaches.. But recently, its like a 180 degree change in my music taste. Even now, while writing, I am listening to In Search of Sunrise 3, a fantastic piece of art by DJ Tiesto , my fav and only Dj at the moment! Its actually a whole album by Tiesto, cool piece of art man..!

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