Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A new chapter..

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Started working at my new company today and I must say that I was quite impressed with the enthusiasium that they are showing in having me there.. When I reached there, most of my collegues already know me. I was sitting at the receptionist area and people just walked by and called me by my name and told me that they would help me inform the HR that I was there..! Then, when I was brought to my desk, I was impressed again.. My table was so wide and spacious and clean! The PC was set up already with my name in password window and there is even a plastic tag with my name on the wall of my cubicle!! Wow! Wish I can take some pictures and post there here..! The reason I was so impressed was that I don't enjoy such treatment in LS. For goodness sake, I don't even have a proper cubicle there, not to mention a plastic tag with my name on it!

The happiest thing for me today is I got a brand new Nokia 3120 phone with a corporate Starhub plan worth $30 every month, all compliments of my company! Well, actually come to think of it, its nothing to get excited about since my boss would probably be calling me all day but still its a good feeling to get something so nice for free!! :D


wy_7177 said...

wah ah hua, no wonder u decide to take up e offer, the pple there make you feel so at home! really happy for you :)

Iris said...

Luckily I did not reject their offer cos of the pay..! But then its still too early to say.. Heard that the turnover there is quite high too.. Just keep my fingers crossed and see how first lah!