Monday, February 21, 2005


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This, my friends, is Ozzie, a 6 mth old Minature Schnauzer.. Her mummy is my sis, and like her, is created to irritate the hell out of me.. Both are equally pesky and I can't do anything to get rid of them..! damn...

My sis, as most of you knows, like to nag and nag and nag.. I share the same room with her so I gotta put up with her naggings.. Sometimes, I think we are like a married couple. She will be the 黄脸婆, while I am the poor husband of hers who has to suffer from her constant naggings.. I really symphatise her onion-head (her boyfriend).. Imagine him facing her in future when they get married.. (They really looked like they might get stuck with each other for life..) Poor them..

Anyway, back to Ozzie.. Shes really very cute most of the time.. A bundle of energy, just wouldn't stop running around and would get really crazy while playing, when shes not chewing anything in sight. There are only 3 things that I can't stand about her: her pee, her poop and her habit of licking between my toes whenever she thinks I am in the mood for toe-licking..! urgh..! And another thing, the height of my bed is just right for her to reach and she likes to think that she is doing me a favour in the morning by licking me in the face to wake me up.. Sheesh.. Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and the first thing you see is a hairy face, feel a wet tongue all over your face and smell the breathe of a dog! That would really make my day man...

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