Friday, March 09, 2007

Mont Blanc pens

The 5 of us were having dinner at North Border at Rochester Park. Incidentally, the place is really romantic and the food is fantastic, try it if you do have the chance! Anyway, my boss wanted to treat us to dinner for no reason, just the team leaders so there were only the 5 of us and that was also the reason why he agreed to go to Rochester Park cos the price there is on the high side.

And so we had finished our food and were chatting around.

Suddenly, I saw W's Mont Blanc pen. I borrowed it and played with it for a while. I looked around and realized that there were 3 persons on the table who are carrying Mont Blanc pens.

So I asked, " Anyone knows what is the logo of Mont Blanc and what does it stand for?"

The guys all looked around, shaking their head.

"Kaoz, all of you wearing Mont Blanc until so proud and none know whats is the white logo?!

That can only say one thing about them man... Heh.

So anyone here knows what is the logo of Mont Blanc? No cheating pls!


scum said...

snow-capped mountain.

Cornball said...

I think it's a splash of ink.

iRis said...

Its a snow capped mountain

Goat Almighty said...

bird poo. hah!