Monday, March 26, 2007

Ozzie again

Constance called me the other day, she asked if I was still interested in moving out and staying with her.

I told her I dunno cos like what she said, I do not want my parents to think that I have abandon them by moving out.

Then again, the option of moving out is becoming rather attractive.

Considering that my bro is coming home a lot these days and my sis is back to sleeping in the same room as me. With smelly Ozzie.

And considering that she just brought back another baby parrot, though she said she will just be taking care of the poor bird and letting it go after its well enough to fly, (my mum told me her friend saved it from the crutches of an eagle apparently).

And also considering that I just find it harder and harder to tolerate her irrational ways of thinking that I am biased against Ozzie when I am not.

Now, let me just elaborate why by giving you an example.

I was sitting on my desk watching DVD. I stretched my legs under the table and kicked something soft. Stupid Ozzie was snuggled up under the table sleeping. I asked her to get out but she ignored me. I tugged at her collar and pushed her out from under the table.

My sis shouted at me. Before Ozzie the idiot dog walked out slowly, as if enjoying the moment.

I just wished at that moment that I should just go ahead and kick that dog right in the middle instead of pulling it out from under the table to avoid her from getting kicked by me accidentally.
Things like this will always continue to happen as long as the animals are in the family. Becos of my sis, I have gotten more and more easily irritated by her pets, to the point that I am actually hating them. And more and more disgusted by her bitch.

The thought that she is always labeling selfish just ticks me off so bad. Whos the selfish one who brought animals home without even consulting the people who lives in this house and creating such a rackus everyday from the noise of the animals??

Maybe I should just get my parents to kick her out of the house.


Anonymous said...

Should be spelt as "ruckus"

Paddy Tan - said...

How about the reasons to stay instead of moving out?

iRis said...

Thats a good thought....

scubscub said...

Or the other way is, you move out to a place nearby your parents. Like walking distance or a short feeder bus distance.

Like that you can visit them a few times every week and have dinner with them, catch up, while at the same time go home to your privacy at night and have all the space you want without having to share with others that you dont like.


iRis said...

Yep, I did think of that before...

Paddy Tan - said...

Yeah izel is right. Ask your parents wanna rent storeroom or not?

Can stay there. Very near. Just open door! ta-da!! There they are sitting there watching TV!

I kid I kid... or move the sis and pets into the store room. Ta-da! You locked them up!

I kid I kid.