Monday, March 26, 2007


I was having a business lunch this afternoon after an agreement signing session. There were 8 of us altogether, our customers and us, 4 from each side.

All of us we seated on a table and we were chatting happily, the bosses from each side were talking about going to the gym at some uppity classy places, making plans to organize singing sessions with each other, like they were the best of buddies.

Which is to the contrary actually. Lets just say I doubt they can really stand each other if they were to stay together with each other for a week.

As I was shitting and puking my gastric out in the toilet, a thought just crossed my mind. The world is made up of fakos. Too much of them. I faced them everyday, in fact I am guilty of that too. I put on masks everyday, different kind of masks with different kind of people. I hide behind masks cos I do not want to let others know the real me. I am afraid of showing my true nature to them, afraid of exposing my vulnerability to others. They on the other hand are doing it for the same reason too. In face, everyone in this world do that too.

Its kinda sick actually. The thought that you can never believe the person who is sharing your lunch with you.

Then you said, "but thats how the world goes, people put on masks to protect themselves. Its a kind of natural defense mechanism. Self defense."

Which I agreed. But don you think its rather sad? That we have to resort to being hypocrites to stay alive?

Incidentally, I wasn't puking because of what I thought but rather I was really physically sick.

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Paddy Tan - said...

There can be a thousand reasons to have a mask on and there can be a thousand other reasons not to have a mask.

At the end of the day, be it you work for someone or you run your own business, with your closest friends, with some stranger .. we are still very human. :)