Thursday, March 29, 2007

I want an empty gastric

Lately I do not seem to want to have food inside. Don get me wrong, I am still eating but after I am full, I feel full, as in really really bloated kinda full.

Which is real uncomfortable.

I have no idea what happened suddenly, perhaps my hormones are wrecking up my internals again but I seem to get turned off by the food inside my body.

So I did the next logical thing to do. I puked up my food.

Now, puking has its good and bad points. For the first, it made me more comfortable. I feel released, as if my burden has been lifted. Everything feels lighter and my tummy even feels flatter! Basically, I just feel like a kinda of heavy weight has been lifted from my body, literally and the feeling is just so comfortable, for lack of a better word.

But as things go, there are both sides to everything. Puking makes me tear and its a real messy affair. And not to mention troublesome. I had to stick my fingers deep into my throat and force myself to gag hard while contracting my gastric at the same time so that my food will be forced out. I think I have a very tough and strong gastric, it takes a long time before my food can be forced out. And thats like half an hour passed after I had my meal.

Don get me wrong, I ain't getting bulimia here. I ain't binging or self loath here. I just do not feel comfortable with food inside me, I feel heavy when I eat and I feel tired and sick when I have food inside. My puking is a result of logical processing of thoughts instead of an illogical sense of psychological self esteem issue. And I ain't hiding my puking habits here.

I do binge on sweets though. Heh.

Anyway, anyone here got such feelings before?


ju said...

u may wan to try eating minimal food/ shakes/ soupy stuff... see if u still feel like puking... if yes, u may wan to see a doc...

me, i can only take half of wat i used to stomach... else i feel bloated & pukey

Goat Almighty said...

i suffer from the same thing too for the last few days, except that i could still eat.

ps: you got me linked to my old blog on your blogroll.

iRis said...

Now, I eat very little, so I got nothing much to puke. Otherwise constant puking makes my tummy aches from the retching..

Mr Goat, which one are you talking about?