Sunday, December 31, 2006

Of molestations and XiaXue

I have been reading Xiaxue's blog for a while. In the beginning, I find her loud and obnoxious, one who is always swearing to get what she wants and one who is a thinks too highly of herself.

However, after exploring her site more and reading more into detail about her life, I find her a normal young girl at heart. One who is not afraid of speaking her mind and letting others know her thoughts, even though it offends others. And most of all, one who dares to stand up for herself and for her friends.

Her accounts of her being molested
was a good read, not just on the weird kinds of MAN that exist but also on how she managed to stand up against these perverts.

I think most girls have one time of another been in a situation where MAN took advantage of them before. I believe I speak for them when I said the experience will make you feel disgusted and dirty and most of all angry. And yet, generally the most common reaction would be that of a forget-about-it kind of attitude cos its kind of embarrassing to make a fuss. There is also the fear of being accused that you are over reacting and it was just a simple accident.

I was in a number of such situations before. The youngest was when I was in primary school, probably about 10 years old. I had just started to develop breasts and because they are not obvious enough, I wasn't wearing any bra. I was at a swimming pool, waiting for my swimming lessons to commence when this middle aged man happened to slip and fall. His hands conveniently pressed onto my breasts, one hand on each breasts. I was flabbergasted, I mean I was young, not knowing what to do and he was so much bigger than me after all. Besides, he did seem like he had a real fall. He apologized and loiter around me. The nerve of him! Scared, I ran to my mum and told her. She ran out to confront that pervert but he was already gone.


Next incident. Common scenario. On the bus. I was sitting down and this man was beside me. He was sleeping soundly and also conveniently, his head nodded and rest conveniently on my chest, almost touching me. Anytime the bus jerked, his head would have rest comfortably on my breasts. Fucking sick bastard. Pardon the strong language cos I am still pissed when I think back now. Luckily, the bus reached my stop and I stood up. He looked up and looked irritated that the pair of bosoms that will soon to be his pillows were gone.

And then there was this time when I was sitting at the inner seat on a bus (again), and this old man was sleeping (again) beside me. The longer he slept, the nearer he would lean towards me and then his hands would just sort of fell onto my laps. I was trying my darnest to move inside and he was trying his darnest to lean onto me. Until finally, I stood up and sat behind him. Surprises and surprises he woke up and came to sit beside me again! Until this nice lady told me to sit beside her cos she witnessed the whole scene and apparently, according to her, she said she always noticed this old man trying the same trick quite a number of times.

There were some more incidents when I was taken advantage of. Brushing of my breasts, rubbing the dick on my thighs/butts, rubbing of shoulders, leaning closely towards me and intruding my private space etc, you name it.

Perverts are everywhere and like XX said, we should stand up for ourselves. Do not ever let yourself be shortchanged cos you are the only person to defend yourself. Let no one intrude your body. Most of all, respect yourself.

For this, I take my hat off XX. I admired her courage and respect her for saying what we should all be doing.


Anonymous said...

I don't think got any normal people would wanna molest XX lor. Wah paing. See the face also sian 1/2 liao. See the body wanna puke. Still wanna act cute. PUI PUI PUI!

Iris said...

Thats what you think.

Act cute? She swears like no one's business all the time and you call that acting cute?

My friend, you sure have a weird definition of the word cute.....

Paddy Tan - said...

To those pervs, whether one is pretty, tall, fat, ugly, short or not ... to them they see it as a target to satisfy their sick fetish.