Sunday, December 17, 2006

Angst or simply boredom?

I really wonder what is really the enjoyment in scribbling things that only you yourself can understand in an enclosed room; a toilet.

Looking at the scribblings, they are all done by kids, students, our children. Is this the product of our education or is this the fault of the parents? Who gets the blame? How about the children themselves? Ultimately they made the choice to destroy public property, should we put the fault on them or should we blame the adults?

This was taken at the toilet on the first level of West Mall. The toilets there have been vandalized so many times that the management there have kinda given up on washing it, choosing to repaint the walls instead. The original colour of the toilet walls were yellow, instead of dark green. Perhaps dark green paint is a cheaper paint?

Someone please tell me what is the joy and enjoyment in hiding in a dark and stinky toilet cubicle and drawing and scribbling words and phrases that only the scribblers can understand? I thought the whole idea of using a public toilet is to finish your business as fast as you can and then get the hell out cos its a dirty and germ/bacteria filled place? Why waste time there showing your creativity there when there are other better places for one to do that??


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