Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You will never know

Problems, when you do not tackle them will just remain as problems. It is only when you have the solutions to tackle and solve your problems, then will they be destroyed.

However, sometimes there are no easy solutions around. I wish there were. I really wish there were. Problems, no matter what kind will tend to eat into you and pull you into an abyss of never ending state of sorriness.

Somehow I wish things could have been different. That I was at the wrong time and at the wrong moment. That during that faithful day, I did not stay up late or that I did not post a blog entry. Things are so weird sometimes. You never really know that what you do now, no matter how minute would lead to larger consequences.

Rain pours like never ending sorrow, coldness seeps like there is no tomorrow.

I care about your sorrow and I wanna know your sorrow. Every time you are cold, I feel a lot colder than you.

It hurts like hell for your heart feels like its being gutted by dagger.

And every time you feels that way, I feel a lot worse than you.

Its just that you will never know.

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