Saturday, December 02, 2006

The day I permed my hair

I went to perm my hair today.

It took so long. I think I entered the salon at about 1pm and only exited from the place at about 4pm. My hair was pulled, stretched, curled, blown dry and cut. Besides all these, I have lots of chemicals dumped on it too.

And the whole process set me back by $273.

It was money well spent though.

The first thing that my mum said when she saw me was that you look so pretty, so different, so like a bride. Now, that really helps to cheer me up manz..!

I think I looked so much better than before. My hair has much more volume now and with my fading colouring of my hair, I think I kinda looked a little like a Japanese porn starlet. Minus the figure though. Heh!


hj said...


DK said...

How do you know how a japanese porn starlet looks like?? Hmmm.... you have some right?!?!?!

Share share leh... don't watch by yourself.. :P

Iris said...

Pay me lah, pay me lah, I might just consider posting some pictures and maybe even upload some porn here..

Muahahaha! I am such a notti girl!

scubscub said...

Hey, I went to perm my hair last week too! I colored back to hazelnut black, trim my fringe, perm the ends and now look different too!!!

But hor, dont look like a porn star for sure... color too dark liao.... :)

Iris said...

Heh heh, the porn star comment was a wise ass joke that I conjured. Of course I never looked like any porn star lah!