Friday, December 22, 2006

Of love and expressions of love

Magic is when 2 persons from different parts of location met and then sparks fly. It is when the 2 persons know that they are going to spend the rest of their lives together as one whole entity. Such is what we mere mortals call love. It has the power to fulfil, the power to heal and ironically, it also has the power to hurt, to break and to destroy.

I attended a friend's wedding today. The couple looked so happy together, they may not be very incompatible in terms of height or in terms of education or even in terms of family background. And yet, they are such a heavenly match. Most of all, they love each other so much. Love does not need to be seen from extravagances, it is readily seen from little actions and thoughts too. Actions like the groom pulling the bride's hands, the groom helping the bride to take her stuff, the bride wiping the beads of perspiration from the groom's forehead.

They looked so happy together.

I saw many expressions of love today. An uncle helping his wife to take food and asking her if she is alright. A young man rubbing the arm of his girlfriend when she was hugging herself. A bride worrying about if her groom has had his dinner amidst all the preparations for their wedding. Little expressions like this are more touching and heartwarming than extravaggant expressions of love.

A couple of people asked me today, "when shall be your turn to get married then?"

Seriously, I don really know how to answer their question. How am I going to answer them when I myself don even know the answer? Besides how am I going to tell them painful truth?

I will have to attend another wedding next week again. And then another 2 again next year.

I am tired. I have no idea if I can still withstand the emotional price that comes with seeing all these expressions of love. I really really don want to spend another afternoon coped up in my room crying again.


limyengchuan said...

After being asked a zillion times when my turn would be, I got myself a girlfriend, then got married (at age 33). Thought these question would end, but the question are now, "Why dont you have children."

Sometimes I tell a joke, sometimes I change the subject or I just tell a lie that they expect to hear so that they can give their "helpful" advice. When I tell them the truth they are taken aback - they look as if it was a improper etiquette, telling them the truth. But what I really want to tell them is to mind their own business.

Loving words, not callous small talk, is what edifies us. soothes our souls and oils our walk.

Iris said...

Yes, society's expectations are always a pain in the ass.

And then again, I wonder if the decision to remain unmarried is something that I will regret in the future. Of course, I would love to love someone and to be loved back but is it really that tough to find a soul mate in our society?

I really wonder if somewhere out there in this world is someone made for me and I am made for this person and will we ever meet? Is there such a thing as elusive as fate and something that is so misunderstood as love?