Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A wise cab driver

This came at a time when I needed it the most.

"There would always be someone out there who is better off or worse off than you are. You live in a 5 room HDB flat, there would be someone out there who lives in a condo. And yet there will be someone who lives in a 1 room HDB flat. You spent $20 on a meal in a normal restaurant, there would be someone who can only afford to spend $2 on a pack of chicken rice at the hawker center and yet there would be another person who will not think twice to spend $200 on a upmarket posh restaurant. You look this way, there would be someone who is prettier than you, a model and yet there would be someone with defects on her face or body.

Never compare, you will always be better off or worse off than someone else in this world. Be satisfied, be happy with what you have. You have a perfectly healthy body, you have the ability to work, you are smart and you have the power to change and better your life. And yet know that whatever you have at this moment will definitely change in the future. No one stays static, know that your life experiences will change when each minute of your life passes by you. With a constantly changing life experiences, your expectations and your mentality will change as well."

All this from a cab driver who seem to know what I was going through at this period of time.


rijac said...

good advice. in a simpler for - don't make other people responsible for your own happiness.

DK said...

In short....

There is always a mountian higher, and also a valley deeper.