Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gynae's visit

It was my first time to the gynae today and I must say its quite a weird experience to have another woman staring up between your legs, using cold and hard instruments probbing the interior of your body.

Weird is the least to say, uncomfortable and miserable is more apt.

Its quite a mindset changing experience as well. Before this, I always feel that my body is strong. I mean, I fall sick less than twice a year and I never need to see doctors for flu or cold unless its to get a medical certificate. The worst I ever got are always related to my gastric but I take the fault for that. Not a fault of my body's immune system or my ability to heal.

In essence, I am a perfectly healthy young girl, with a strong body, and I always thought I will remain that way.

Until today.

It was nothing serious actually, just a case of inonsistent and super heavy menstruation bleeding, which had already lasted for a month. Other than the inconveniences of having to endure a stupid piece of thick cotton up my legs and the troubles of changing it every other hours, there is also the impact on my mental health. I am becoming crankier than usual.

And so I went to see a doctor and then got referred to a specialist.

The doctor was a nice homely lady, who do not waste words. She got right up to point and interrogated me on my medication history, my menstral cycles and my sexual history. I was alright with all that actually. Kinda expected that. She is a gynae after all.

Then came the physical examinations. First was the vaginal speculum, then it was the long metal rod up my feminine region.

Saying that I hated it is an understatement of how I am feeling right now.

And then the urine testing, for which I had to hold on to the transparent container holding my urine while waiting at the lobby for the nurse to attend to me. Any Tom, Dick and Harry or Jane, Mary and Lucy who were at the lobby was treated to the sight of this young lady holding her urine walking around the lobby waiting for a nurse. Way to go man............

Got my pills and made another appointment to go back after 3 weeks.

And the cost? A fucking $157.70!

Whatever the case, as I was on my way back, I suddenly felt older, way much older. I realize that I ain't no superhuman and if I do not take care of my body, I am soon going to get into trouble. It may sound silly to all but I felt so vulnerable at that point of my realization.

Now, I am going to worry about countering the effects of my soon-to-be weight gain from taking the hormonal pills..



DK said...

Ur mens last for a month!?!?!?!

Wah... u alrite or not?

Iris said...

No, I am fainting from blood loss...


Anonymous said...

once again.. too much information.. :dead:

Paddy Tan said...

This kind of matter better go see a specialist to find out what's wrong.

I tell you, just about last year I begin to feel 'old' myself. It is like not as healthy when young, getting tired a bit more and easier, and just not as strong as before also.

Anonymous said...

Take care Iris.. loosing blood for 1 whole month is no joke.

hope the pills and tests will yield some results on what is happening to your body..


scubscub said...

Take great care, Iris.

There was one time around 2 years back, same thing happened to me. I was still happily shopping in Chatuchak market, not knowing this is serious. I almost fainted when I was there. When you are losting blood more than usual, plus its so hot and humid, you get de-hydrated and can faint easily.

Luckily when I came back, see doc, went to scan and do all types of tests, everything turns out okay. Sometime your body just screw up and they get better with some help from Doc's pills.

Izel Ang

Iris said...

Yea, the more I thought about it, the worrier i got.. And I cannot believe that I procrastinated for 1 month before going to the doc..