Saturday, October 28, 2006


Lately, I do not feel like laughing. I laughed a lot, I laughed easily but for some reason, I do not feel like laughing somehow.

Its the kind of feeling tat you have when you feel dead inside, like nothings is gonna matter at all. Nothing you do is ever right and nothing you don do is ever wrong too. Its kinda confusing actually but my point is, I am not laughing. Most of the time. And this is something which I thought I had gone through and never wanted to go through again.

Alas, I was wrong.

Most people would give up their lives to save another's life. Well, at least unselfish people would.
But the most courageous people are not the ones who would do that. The most courageous ones are those who has to choose if they are willing to give up the lives of others to save other lives. These are the people who are willing to bear the burden of making choices. Choose who to live and who to die to save others. These are the courageous whose burden is so heavy that it make all other responsibilities and burden so minute. These are the brave ones.

My parents are on a short holiday trip to Genting. Its my mum's first time out of this island and she was very excited about it for the whole week. Already started packing her stuff since Monday. Its kinda funny and rather silly but I feel as if my own children are out for a trip and I worried for my parents as if one would worry for their children. Perhaps the time has come for us to switch roles!

Due to my parents being out, and due to me not willing to endure the doggy smell in my room, I have decided to sleep in their room tonight and tomorrow night. I am having a room with a queen size bed and a toilet to myself!

I am now typing in my parents' room. The air is breezy, the night is silent and the heart is tired. So are my eyes. Already drooping.

What a wonderful way to spend my Sat today!

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