Sunday, October 01, 2006

I changed my mind

I think I owe an explanation to all the people here. After all the trouble that you guys had in helping me make a decision as to whether I should quit my job.

Truth is, after I talked to my dad and was convinced to leave my company, I changed my mind again and stayed.

I had a long talk with the big boss this time, who asked me what I really want out of my life. I was a little stump by his question. And so I told him what I want and why I decided to quit.

The day when my granny was admitted to the hospital, I came back home late and decided to go to the hospital to visit her the next day. But I never had the chance to talk to her again.

And then after her funeral when I came back to the office, I looked at my work and my office building. I was really tired, I hated to come back. I dragged my feet back to the office everyday and I was always thinking what I wanted out of my life. I don want to get into another situation again when I had to missed seeing someone else for the last time cos I was delayed at work.

And so I told the boss. I said at this moment in time, I wanted to leave my work at 6pm everyday, and go back home and spent time with my family. I wanted to balance my work and my personal life.

Which the boss replied.

"You should not blame anyone for what happened. You should learn to prioritize. I have 300 emails everyday but do you see me rushing about attending to all my emails? If I were to do that, you will not see me here talking to you, drinking coffee. When my younger brother passed away, I broke down. I stayed with him at the funeral parlor everyday until my family gave up on me. After a while I thought, the dead is gone, there is nothing we can do about it, the living should move on. I don want you to missed a chance here. Give yourself a chance and give us a chance as well, I don want my staff to make the wrong decision cos of a single episode in their life. In life, we experience a lot of things, some good and some bad. But we do not want to make a wrong decision due to some bad incidents. You might have missed seeing your granny for the last time but you can make sure that this does not happen again. Do your job efficiently and make sure you go home early and make sure you do not get too involved. Life is about balancing and not running away. Give yourself a chance here, I assured you that you will grow very fast with us. We have a lot of projects coming up and we need people like you, people who can think. Leave all the operational stuff to the rest instead. We need thinkers more than doers. I can gaurantee you that for the coming years, you will learn a lot and grow very fast with us. Stay and you will not regret it."

And then in the afternoon, my boss talked to me again.

"So how? After the boss talked to you again, you still want to leave? He has went through so much in his life and had experienced a lot, and he has the most rights to give you advices. The bosses here know their workers and they know that you are a good worker, thats why we are trying to make you stay. We need people here and I need you. I stick to my end of our agreement that you will not deal with operations anymore and I hope you are able to stick to your end of our agreement to help me. Stay and I can confirm you will grow fast within the company."

And so, my dear readers, I changed my mind and stayed on with my company. I was touched that so many people, all the way from the top wants me to stay. I just hoped that this shall not be a bad decision. And like what my sis told me, "Whatever decision you made, just make sure that you are happy and will not regret it in the near future."


Anonymous said...

I think your company value you a lot. Many companies would not go to the same extend to make their staff stay. Think it is worth giving your company another chance.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

your big boss really takes alot of effort to make you reconsider your resignation, I bet mine won't even take 20% of the effort..

hope you'll see your work experiences and personnel time grow in your new job role :) otherwise its time to really "move"

keep us updated on how u find your new role soon..


HJ said...

Not to discourage you... When people wants you to stay, they paint all sort of beautiful sceneries to elute you. In short, you will only get a significant pay rise if you jump companies. Promises are often meant to be broken, when people are desperate, they would make all sort of promise. After they are out of trouble, all these promise would simple vanish in thin air.

Hope you made the correct decision...

Anonymous said...

i'm strongly agree with HJ, cos i experienced it before. When u intend to leave, ppl will sweet talk to u. just look at your working environment, the ppl around u (same company), are they stay long? is the company worth u to stay on? the most important, is ur boss good?
but i guess u have promised ur big boss to stay, so wish u good luck!

BAK2u Pte Ltd said...

You made your choice, you follow thru the choice too. But you can always rethink your choice later too, ok?


DK said...

OK, all those who placed your bet with me saying that Iris will change job, please pay up by end of this week. Thx. :D

rijac said...

get it in writing. lip service is no service.

Anonymous said...

i REALLY hope you have not officially rejected the MNC.

this kinda situation u might not experience often but its almost standard-operating-procedure for management to counter-offer and persuade u to remain. its a mistake to interprete such gesture as "they really value u".

just my 2 cents. and yes, i'm working in MNC and lovin' it ;)

putitthisway said...

well, the choice is really yours.
I was in a similar episodes 6 yrs ago when I left my previous company. My boss back then almost convinced me to stay but I still ended up throwing the towels and calling it quits. Looking back, I realised that it was not a bad choice as there were signs of the sinking ship and some of my colleagues made better rats than me while I went with the flow before the company folds.

Just ask yourself this, is this truly what you want and staying really bring you closer to what you want or is it keeping you from realising where you want to be? Then, only then, decide and moves on. Just that, situation may change and that the choice you made now might seems better or worse. Then again, Ce La Vive