Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Strip, pluck and play!

After lots of self-encouragement and lots of self-comforting and lots of hard thinking, I finally decided to take the plunge.

Today was the big day. Today was the day when I had my tush mowed. Today was the day when I would finally be totally bare down under.

Today was the day when I had my first taste of a Brazilian wax.

Made an early appointment with Strip in the City. Woke up early and was feeling rather jubilant about it. In fact I was really looking forward to it. Its been such a long time since the idea popped into my head! Years in fact!

The place was rather nicely done. Dim lighting, curtains, wooden doors and floor panels, colourful couches and magazines at the waiting area with scented incense burning. All in all, a rather conducive environment for ladies to trim here, snip there or paint here. Fingernails and toenails I mean.

So I went up to the counter and reported myself. Was asked to fill up a form with my particulars and for some reason, my salary as well. Oh well, as long as I get to trim my bush...

And then I was led to a tiny room with a high and long bed in the middle, occupying most of the room. There was a tiny little table with 2 small stoves and 2 pots on it. One contained a pot of thick pink gluey stuff and the other a transparent puplish liquid. Hanging proudly on one of the walls was a huge framed poster with the 2 funny looking bush liked plants and the following caption.

"250,000 bushes beautifully trimmed! Don get bush whacked, get a Brazilian down under!"

Ok, a comforting thought to know that they have trimmed so many bushes already, must really be experts in such stuff...

I was then given a huge long brown towel and told to take off my skirts and panties and leave it at one of the shelves. Then I was to climb onto the bed and lie down.

After a while the waxer (I cannot think of any other terms to describe her) came in. She promptly pulled up my towel and said, "Hmm, your hair are rather coarse eh. And you have shaved before. So its gonna hurt more. Normally we use soft wax on the labia (google if you don know what this mean) area and hard wax on other areas. Soft wax is cleaner but it will hurt more. Hard wax is less painful and is more expensive."

"Ok, painful ah? Hard wax for me then, please. For all areas!" I told her.

Then I lied down and my ordeal began.

First she applied some baby power on my nether region, very thoroughly. Then. she took a huge portion of the pink gluey stuff and applied on my lower tummy. The sensation was very comforting and soothing, since it was warm and thick. I liked it a lot. The stuff amazingly hardened straight away. Then she quickly pulled it away from my skin.


Major pain! Pain!!!

"This is still manageable. Later when I do your side and your sensitive areas, its gonna hurt even more!"

Thats not really very comforting..

After the sides and my lower tummy, I thought my ordeal was over.


Then came my labia majoria. She pulled my folds apart and then applied a thick portion of the pink wax on it. Waited a while and chatted with me. Then she pulled the strip off.

I tell you, I literally cried out! Super duper painful!

Then when the front was done, she said, "Turn over, now I am gonna do your butt hole."(Don laugh but thats her exact words to describe my asshole! Hee hee..)

So I flipped over and as before, she first spread some baby powder on my butt, in and out. Then she applied the pink wax on my asshole. And pulled the hardened wax off. Surprisingly, it was not as painful. It was rather enjoyable in fact.

Throughout the whole procedure, she was chatting with me incessantly. She introduced to me packages and told me how to take care of my bare tush, giving me intructions like no swimming, no rubbing, no shaving and no sex for 2 days.

I actually told her that I really could not concentrate on what she was talking about with her hands on my tush and the pain! Haha!

Half an hour later, after lots of waxing, pulling, and tweezing of stubborn hairs, I walked out of the room to make payment. Total charges for whacking bushes, a tub of cream for ingrown hair and a tube of soothing cream for my poor tush?

A freaking two hundred and eleven dollars!

As what Constance said to me after that "Huh? Thats like fucking expensive! Hopefully your bush don grow so fast, gal!"

ms froggie's note:

Due to popular demand, I have decided to post the before and after pictures. Enjoy!




Maisha said...

your blog is so deep.i like...another addition to my favorite blogs...

Iris said...

I am glad that you enjoy reading about me.. Thank you!

rijac said...

oh my... very descriptive!

got picture?


Iris said...


Forgot to take some pictures...!

Oh well....

DK said...

Post some pictures leh. :D

Anonymous said...

hey, it wasnt green when i last saw it leh

DK said...

I tot it was abit curly the last time I saw it. How come it become so bushy n greenish?

Must be didn't take care of it right? :P

Iris said...

eh eh, since when did my bush became public???

rijac said...


putitthisway said...

I must declare that I have no beforehand knowledge, but base on expert opnion, u need further pruning as a few strands are still spotted standing.....

putitthisway said...

well.. not publice lar... think dk must have had initimate knowledge

Anonymous said...


u must be very brave to bare the pain.. I think I will not make it.. well done.


Iris said...

Thanks Ah Tan! By the way, was there a pun on the phrase "bare the pain"? Or did you accidentally substituted "bear" for "bare"? :D

Phillip, "expert opinion"? Hmm, and you said you have no beforehand opinion regarding bush pruning?

DK, I am surprise that you had intimate knowledge of my mum's rose bush! I never know you are involved with it!

rijac, laughing your ass off is not as fun as pruning your ass, perhaps you should give it a try? :D

putitthisway said...

expert opinion on bushes, but I have no befroehand knowledges of your bush, thats something that dk probably have intimate knowledge about.....

DK said...

what? that is your bush mah. Don't tell me that was your mum's bush.

Wah.... ur mum bush look like ur bush leh. I tot onli the face look alike onli... lol...