Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Quitting. Soon?

The second time I tendered my resignation, my boss convinced me to stay. I gave him a smile after a long talk with him and said:

"Third strike and I am out."

He laughed it off.

I almost threw in my resignation letter again on Tue. I was very demoralized with the way my boss took me for granted. In fact, I am tired with how many people seem to take me for granted but thats another story, to be whined about in another entry in my blog on another day.

I was so confused about whether I should continue staying in my job that I took a day off to clear my mind on Mon.

The next morning, while preparing for work, I told my mum:

"Mum, what would you do if I were to quit my job?"

As usual, she said the same thing to me whenever I asked her for an opinion.

"Up to you, if you are really not happy with your current work, then just leave."

Then she added another sentence which was not what she usually would say to me when I asked for her opinion.

"But I hope you will not quit in your next job so soon. Don't quit whenever you don feel like working or whenever you cannot stand your bosses."

It was at that point when I got ashamed of myself. Well, almost. Am I sending out a message to other people that I am so easily defeated? If I were to quit now, whos gonna say that I will not end up in a worse off job or a worse off boss (though I really think its quite tough to find another boss as worse off as my current one)? Am I gonna quit again? What if I am not gonna find a job that I like for the rest of my life, am I gonna keep quitting and quitting?

I am so confused. What should I do?

Argh, if only I do not need to work!


Anonymous said...

It's sillier to stay on a stinking ship.

putitthisway said...


do what you enjoy when looking for a job and enjoy what you do once you get a job.

Its simpler this way

rijac said...

and.... i would advise finding another job first... before you resign from the current one...

DK said...

I think you should move on.

Paddy Tan said...

or do the unthinkable... strike it out on your own.

Izel will be leaving her company this coming friday, stepping out of the comfort zone to venture into beading. Big step I say.

It may be a good time to think about what you want too.

Iris said...

I gotta admit, I am scared. I have no experience, no ideas, no funds whatsoever to strike it out on my own..

Perhaps when I am older, I am still so fresh and inexperienced..