Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Simple pleasures

I saw this on the TV tonight while working on my lappie at the same time.

The guy was in love with the girl. He prepared a romantic candlelight dinner and gave her his deceased famous designer mum's unique creation of a gown on her birthday. He danced with the girl and made her feel like a princess on her birthday. And he openly declared his swooning love for her.

Alas, the girl was already in love, with another guy, her boyfriend. Who bought her a simple birthday cake and celebrated her birthday with her at her void deck. At the eleventh hour of her birthday.

The girl was touched by the first guy. She, however was thrilled by the second guy.

Sometimes its not the extravagances that matter. But rather, its those simple little things that will open one's heart and fill it with joy and happiness.

Life is that ironic; simple pleasures are life's finest happiness.

Or maybe its just that I am a simple girl.

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