Monday, February 06, 2006

Who are you?

A little life trivial here, cos I am feeling sucky and bored at the moment.

You often hear such stuff when you were penning your primary/secondary schoolmates' yearbooks. From then till now, so many things have changed and perhaps its time to re-evaluate yourself.

1) What is your favourite colour?
2) What is your favourite pastime?
3) What genre of music do you like best?
New age
4) How many best friends do you have?
About 5, I think, at least I consider them as my best friends, though I have no idea if they feel the same way
5) How many people you know whom hates you?
1 and it still hurts to think about it
6) Who are you?
I have been alive for a quarter of a century and still have not been able to answer this question. I don know, I really have no idea
Ok, the last question is added in by moi. Its perhaps too complicated for a primary school kid's pea brain. But still, its an interesting question to ask. And answer.

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