Monday, February 06, 2006

Walking testimony of fats

DK told me this is the funniest thing hes ever heard and CB seems confounded as to how such a thing can even happened.

I got promoted. And got a scolding from my boss in an email the moment I stepped out of his room to read my emails.


Although, my boss did warn me about the email that he was going to send me, the feeling of being scolded in an email with your customers, your AM in the loop still sucked, really big time.

In the end, I did not even feel good about getting the promotion. In fact, I was just considering about throwing in the towel when boss just gave me this promotion.

Now thats what I called a twisted twist of fate.

Speaking of fate. Heres a little trivial about fate or rather fats. Cons kinda abandoned me after the tattooing session yesterday and not wanting to wander around alone in Orchard, I saw CB online and asked him out. Heres how our conversation went like.

"If you happened to see me in Orchard, then its fate lor." The ball said.

"I don really believe in fate at the moment." Thats me.

"Do you believe in fats then?" Look whos talking.

"I am the walking testimony of fats, so I guess ya."

"Yup." Asshole.

"Besides, I happened to be talking to another walking testimony of fats so I guess it kinda make my belief in fats a little more solid."

"Yup." At least this reply sounded slightly better, just slightly.

I still ended up wandering around in Orchard alone though.

When is anyone going to take notice of all the black words in my blog?


Cobalt Paladin said...

Iris, guess I've another person who is sharing dark moods with me at the moment. By the way, I've been noticing your black words. Coz I used bloglines to read your feed. The black words appear as normal text and were not hidden. :p

Iris said...

Oh shit..

I was just toying with it after watching an episode of CSI.

Oh well, life sucks.

HJ said...

Never jio me...