Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Random bloggin's

The festive holidays are just gone like that, just like that and the funny thing is, the eve of the holiday seemed to have just passed. How time travels!

I am on leave today, supposedly. I am always very uneasy when I go on leave. Firstly cos I am the only one in the department who is doing what I am doing and secondly cos as most of you guys know, my mobile is given by my company implying that they or my customers can call me 24/7, anytime of the day. If given a choice, I'd rather be paying for my own phone, I am just sick of answering phones.

Anyway, back to my uneasiness. True enough, early in the morning, at around 9am, I received a call from the office. Was sleeping at that time and in my grogginess, I hung up on that person. Too sleepy to give a heck. Then 2 hours later, I received an sms from boss, asking me who is supporting me since I am on leave. To cut the story short, I settled everything after an hour but the feeling of receiving a call due to work when you are on leave suck. Big time. And its only 1 day leave. Imagine if I were to take a week..

So now, after a night at Eelin's place, (no lizards, cockroaches or beetles adventures by the way), I am back at home, twiddling with my iB again. She has offically labelled me as an internet junkie or an internet whore. I proudly admited to that, just to irritate her. I had so much fun playing with her Mac-mini-flat-screen-TV internet connection by the way, though I had to squint my eyes a little since the distance is a little far away for me.

For some reason, I think my eyesight is deteriorating. I have the most uneasy feeling that my degree had increased since the last checkup. I still have not attained perfect vision and I am supposed to go back for another thorough check up. And this time, I have to decide if I want to go for another operation. If my eyesight is getting worse, I think I shall go for it. Thing is, this time, I have no companion to do it with me. And the worst thing is, who is going to take care of me when I just came out of my operation?

Oh well, just have to wait for the reports to be out before I allow myself to worry about such stuff. Anyway, I am going for a checkup in Mar, I am looking for a companion again to go with me, whos on?

I am such a bitch sometimes..


DK said...

If you can't find any yandao again, I'll be there lah. :)

I know I good looking, but Ni Wei chui yi dian lah. Anyway, ur eyesight also not very good. I not yandao also nevermind. :P

Iris said...

Eh, I seriously have no idea what on earth you are talking about here...!

What yandao, whats "ni wei chui yi dian"??? And whats all that to do with my eyesight!?

DK said...

argh. typo.

I meant, i can company u if you can't find any yandao go checkup wif u.

I not good looking, so wei chui yi dian lah.