Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pissed off, pissed on

The thing that irks me the most when I am travelling is when other people are invading into my personal space, men in particular. Its totally disgusting. Take note however, that I am not merely ranting here. Rather its cos of a pent up frustration from getting bumped about in a crowded public transport that totally pissed me off.

I was on the train this morning. The train was actually not very crowded and there were some spaces between me and a couple of people standing near the door. I was standing beside this guy who looked to be in his forty. Me and him were holding onto the pole near the door. Everything was fine until he started to doze off while standing. And started to lean very close to me. At first, I thought he was really tired and move away a little, as much as I can.

Then he started to move with me. And started to lean against me again. Bloody hell. Not only that, his hand started to slide down the pole and rest against my hand. Fucker was not up to no good.

Though totally pissed, there wasn't anything I could do and fortunately, the train arrived at the station in minutes. Hastily, I moved away from the pole, intending to rush out as soon as the door opened. I did not want to give that bugger any chance to have any body contact with me again.

Door opened and everyone rushed out. And as predicted, the bugger's hand accidentally brushed across my butt. Fucker! Asshole!

Thing is, it might just be an accidental brush but then again it might not be. There wasn't anything I could do but to brush it away as an accident, while silently cursing myself for not moving away faster.

Damn it.


DK said...

You should give him a tight slap.

hj said...

U should just kick him in the balls...

Calamity Man said...

i'm sorry you had to go through this.

i've been molested by a man before myself.

so anyway, are you really that hot? :P

Iris said...

No, I am not, he was desperate.

You molested by a man?? Goodness! Thats scary!

Anonymous said...

nowadays it seems people from the same gender molesting each other is getting more "common"..haiz wat have the world become?

Iris: u should report that bugger n make him scared... remember his face n report him to police..