Sunday, February 05, 2006

13 Wonders

Ok, the title is just to capture your attention. I did not win on 13 Wonders before in Mahjong. Almost, but nope.

Val jio us out for a drink at Tango's last night. She wanted to pass her ROM invites to us. I seriously have great difficulties believing that this cha bo is getting married! She is definitely not the type to get married at such an early age. She has the beauty, the brain and the wit but she is too defiant for any men to tame her. Gosh, from the way she talked and most men would just shy away from antagonizing her.. In short, she is very fiesty and quick for most people. And she is getting married. Phew, love does work in strange ways.

Hmm.. come to think of it, this is the 2nd of my close friends who are hitched. First, Emily, then Valerie. I am suffering big loses in ang baos.. Damn...


During the drinking session, Valerie brought up the topic on mahjong and I complained that I did not get to gamble during the CNY, not even blackjack and I am dying for some serious mahjong session. Me, Val and Janice were talking so much about mahjong and we decided to end the day playing mahjong at Val's place with Val asking her friend to join us as the 4th leg. And thats when my losing streak began.

For the first few rounds, it was still fine. I managed to win some and was rather happy about it. And then for no reason, my luck just nosedived. I lost rounds, after rounds, after rounds. My tiles were quite good actually but before I managed to complete the arrangements, someone would always beat me to it. It was so damn frustrating..!

And then we changed position, or rather changed "wind" and Janice, sitting at my position, began to start losing. My luck did turn around by a little and I managed to recoup some of my losses. The 3rd person to sit in my place was Mitchell and he also started his losing streak. So, in the end, we all agreed that my initial place was jinxed. Sigh..

We played rounds, after rounds, after rounds and the hours just crept by without us noticing. Tick tick and soon it was nearing dawn. After which I was so groggy from the lack of sleep that I began to doze off while playing and missed some rather important tiles thrown on the table. At some point, I was like dazed over what was happening on the table and got so confused that I had no inkling of losing.

In the end, I lost $35. Ended up had to take Valerie's mum's ang bao money to pay off my gambling debt and I also had to borrow from Janice to take a cab home. How pathetic was that!

Reached home, tried to watch my newly downloaded CSI episode but kept dozing off. Decided to crash for the day and before I knew it, it was already 12pm by the time I woke up. Lazed around, finised watch my CSI and then went to bed again. I was totally knocked out from the mahjong session. Phew.


Anonymous said...

I haven't played mahjong in a very long time but glad you recoup some losts in the end but a session is really energy draining.. I also hope to play some serious mahjong if got chance.. Iris: maybe can try to play smaller next time


Anonymous said...

To add on, some of my sec sch friends are already happyily married n have a few kids now... I'm still single but not really complaining, just hope to find someone who really can understand me well n I can get along well too ;)

but the red packet can wait till the customary wedding then give rite? unless your friend Valerie holds 2 on the same day...