Monday, February 20, 2006

In Search of Memory

Am having some sort of stupid writer's block here, damn, must be a virus that i caught from DK. So just to fill up some space in my blog and to satisfy the curiosity that you have towards my boring life, I am going to relate a couple of funny incidents here.


A couple of weeks ago, I was on the bus travelling back home from work when I heard someone called my name. Turned around and there was this Malay guy whom I found to be vaguely familar. He chatted me up and we talked as if we were the longest of pals. From buying Toto to where he lived and what-nots.

The bus reached the terminal and we parted ways.

And I still had no idea who the hell he was.

Next funny incident.

Someone called me during the weekend and I could not recognize the number, which was not unusual because that my number is too easily accessible. 50% of the calls that I received everyday would be some unfamilar numbers.


"Hello, you working today?" A lady babbled out as soon as I answered my phone.

"Erm, nope." Trying to squeeze my brain as to who the caller was, for fear of embarrassing myself in the event that she was someone I know.

"Good" She answered back, still not telling me who she was.

"Ookay.. But who are you?" Gave up trying to recall her. Too tired to bother.

"Oops, wrong number." She hung up.


Last story for the day in the life of Ms Iris Teo.

Came down from my office and my colleagues had to talk to their general workers. So I was strolling alone happily towards the exit of the building when a group of 3 Indians workers walking in my direction waved at me and called me.

"Hey, Iris, haven't gone home ah? So late ah?'

"Yah, on my way back already. You also so late wat.."

"Yah lah, we going home already." They replied, waved more and then walked towards the warehouse.

I have never seen them before in my almost 1 year of working there.

Conclusion: I am getting blur-er and losing my memory.



DK said...

wah... you having writer block also blame me.

Why your period come never blame me? :P

rijac said...

dk... thats better then if her period don't come then blame you...


Iris said...

If my period never come and I blame you, I think you will freak out!

DK said...

Why should I freak out?

I'm a responsible person ok. :)

Iris said...

Thats provided I give you the chance to be responsibility in the first place

hj said...

See DK... She dun even wan to give u the chance... Aiyah... she wan tat someone else lah... Remember the msn chat that day...

Iris said...

Huh?? what somebody else??

You people talking behind my back??

DK said...

HJ: you know, I know can already lah.

Haiz. Maybe iris feels that he more yandao.