Monday, April 30, 2007

I am going to get a new phone

My phone underwent a traumatizing incident while I was in Thailand.

I was sitting merrily on the boat during the boat ride when I received an SMS. It was from my mum and so automatically I replied her. Just as I pressed "sent", I looked up and there was this guy on the boat beside us who was dipping his pail into the river water. The next thing I knew was I was soaked in river water. For the uninitiated, it was Songkran, the Thail's new year, also known as the water festival and one can just throw water on anyone that you see.

And so me and my poor K750i was soaked in water. As I wiped off the water, I saw a water stain on the screen. There was nothing I can do but hope nothing was wrong with my phone. After a night in the cold hotel room, the water stain was gone.

And this gave me the perfect excuse to get a new phone! I have been wanting to get a new phone but just did not have an excuse to get replace my old phone. With this incident, I figured I might as well get a new phone since its gonna spoil soon.

My choices are as followed:

1) K800i
2) W880i
3) K810i

And the winner: the ultra cool K810i!!!!

I think its another love at first sight phone, this baby is so cool! Just look at the buttons, and the ultra slimness. And most of all, the Cyber Shot camer, 3.2 pixels of it!

I am so gonna get this phone. Now, the only concern is the price..

Besides this, I cannot bear to let go of my faithful K750i, shes been with me through thick and thin, dry or wet and just replacing her just seems so cruel..

Sigh.. choices, choices again.


DK said...

You want Nokia N80? I sell you cheaper lah. :D

iRis said...

Sorry, I prefer SE phones...! But if you wanna give me for free, I wouldn't mind helping you get rid of that phone! :D

Gizmore said...

Good choice. Stay away from W880i cos i'm using it..h ahahahhaha

iRis said...

Wah, then another reason for me NOT to get the W880i!