Sunday, April 29, 2007

Floating mass of shapeless feelings

Love is a very strange thing, the more you try to go in search for it, the more elusive it will be. And then when you least expected it, it just came like a whirlwind and hit you straight in the face by surprise. Sometimes its a pleasant surprise while other times, its quite a nasty shock.

Decay was just talking about When You Love Someone and promising that he will be giving all he has for the person that he loves. Which I think is a very sweet and very sentimental thing. Hes got comment that love is not just about giving, its about giving and taking in the correct proportion and someone also commented that she would be rather freaked when the man who loves her gives her too much cos she is scared that he might just turned into a psycho in the event that that relationship does not work out.

What is love?

Perhaps its about giving and taking but ultimately when you love someone so much, you would want to give so much to him that you do not even mind hurting yourself in the process. Because you have already lost yourself in love, you don exist anymore, your existence is purely just for him and he is everything to you.

That said, the ultimate expression of love however is not to have but rather to let go. Many times I heard the expression that the more you hold and control, the more you will lose. Maybe this should be what love is about, to let go so whoever you love will be happy and free. Because, love is so elusive that its like water, you cannot hold on to water, the more you try to hold it, the more it will seep through your fingers and then you will be left with nothing, nothing at all.

And because you love him so much, it certainly hurt to let him go. But because at the end of the day, you just want to see a smile on his face that your hurt does not matter anymore, you just want him to be happy. To know that he is free and happy.

So you tell me, how can something so pretty and warm as love be so conflicting and enigmatic?

Maybe there are no true and concrete definitions of love, maybe its supposed to be like a floating transparent mass of shapeless feelings. Maybe thats why its so beautiful because there is no way to quantify and define it. Maybe thats why we humans are always so confused about how we should go about loving someone and how we should express our love. Maybe the best expression of love is just to take it easy, not rushing it, not forcing this floating transparent mass of shapeless feelings into a solid container in the hope that your love will give you the result that you want.

Because forcing it will just bring more tears and more pain.


Anonymous said...

Love is about acceptance, compromise, joy and affection. Love is about companionship. Love conquers all. But when the love is gone it is painful. They said that if you love someone, you should let him go. If he comes back to you, then he is yours. If he doesn’t, then he was never meant to be. Let him go, you can’t really hold on to someone who doesn’t want you anymore, so there is no point in holding on. Of course it is hurt to let go, no one ever said it would be easy. If a man cannot pick out the gem from among the stones, then he cannot be a very wise and worthy man. If he can't see you as the better woman, then maybe, there is a better man out there for you.

iRis said...

It so hard to let go sometimes, especially when all you ever think throughout the day is him.