Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thank you all!

I never realize the powers of until now! Wow, suddenly this little blog of mine was filled with so many comments and so many advices!

Thank you all very much for the advices.

I have decided to leave and take up the other offer.

My father put it best when he told me this:

"Leave your current job cos you are always so unhappy when you come back home from work."

Something so simple and yet hits the bull's eyes. And that seal my fate.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on your decision, I'm glad you finally firm up your mind.. I think u should really move on and look forward to your new job.. sometimes when u been in the same company for too long, u will really feel "tired"

I've to make my decision soon too but mine is simplier as I don't owe the co. since they are not thinking of renewing my contract


Anonymous said...

you father is right... if it does not make you happ, try something (or somewhere) else... cheers! theCat

Paddy Tan said...

Hey girl, if you need anything just call, msn, pm, email, sms me.

I am one of those that asked you to leave, and I will watch your back.

You have the whole entire gang of behind you. Anything goes wrong, we can trade one of us to get a new job for you. hahahaha!