Sunday, September 17, 2006

The old woman

If I got home early from work and take the train back home, I would surely bump into this old woman sitting along the covered walkway linking the train station to the bus interchange. She sells tissue papers and towels there to earn her income and she will be sitting on a small stool with her stuff in front of her and shouting to passerbys if they want to buy her stuffs. There were times when she would be walking about approaching the passerbys. And then there were times when she would talking to herself, as if to alleviate her boredom of sitting there.

She has very small eyes and wrinkling skin. She is very thin and she always sport a pair of black pants and blue flowery top, those kind that you would find old ladies in their eighties to wear.

Somehow she reminds me of my granny.

Please, if any of you readers ever see her sitting along the covered walkway leading from Bukit Batok MRT station to the bus interchange, spare her some time and buy something from her.

I thank you for her.

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Anonymous said...

I saw her near the trafficlight section of the covered walkway last sunday.. think that its really a hard way to earn a living for such an old person, did buy some tissue from her