Friday, September 08, 2006

Granny's wake

People came, people went, they paid their last respects to my granny and went away after sitting for a while.

The whole family was very united in preparing the last rites for our dear granny. There were some minor squaffles but on the whole it was alright. All of us were very tolerant and cooperative. Uncles and aunties did their best to make sure that the young ones were comfortable and everything was prepared nicely for the wake. Little details like the arrival of the catering and the peanuts and watermelon seeds on the tables were place nicely on the table before the arrival of the guests. There were some minor disagreements regarding the placement of the flowers and such but these are to be expected, considering that my granny had 5 children, 10 grandchildren. 3 son-in-laws and 2 daughter-in-laws.

Everything was rather surreal. Granny passed on on Tue and tomorrow shall be the last time we will be able to see her body before she will be cremated. It was a lucky thing that the nursing home took a last picture of her when she was alive. Granny never like taking pictures cos she said she look hideous on pictures. She did put on a smile in the picture but her eyes weren't smiling. She never like staying in the nursing home and with her physical discomfort, its no wonder that her eyes were not cheerful in her picture. Nevertheless, it was a fortunate thing that we have a picture of our granny in her last days.

I believe Granny is now off to a much better place with my Grandpa. Aunt told me that Grandpa had waited for 40 years for Granny. He passed on before my parents were married. I think Granny is truly happy in her new home now, together with my Grandpa.

Tomorrow shall be her cremation, I think its going to be hard on the whole family. Preparing for the wake helps to distract us from the pain of losing her but the sight of seeing your own mother or grandmother's body getting burnt is not good memory. No good, no good at all..

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