Saturday, March 05, 2005


Its only been a week or so since I started work and I can't believe my eyes when I saw my faithful weighing scale telling me that I lost 2kg! This is so incredible..! Maybe its cos I have been walking a lot these days since my office is on the 7th floor and I need to look for documents at the 1st level or maybe its cos I have no appetite these days and I don't take dinner nor breakfast, essentially meaning tat I only have lunch. Sometimes, if not for the fact that I can take a break from my work, I don't even feel like having lunch..! Maybe its also cos I need to walk some distance from my office to a canteen to have my meals too.. But in any case, I am so glad that I lost weight! Woo hoo!!

Hah, in a twisted way, I am glad that I accepted this job!

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