Sunday, March 27, 2005

settler's cafe

settler's cafe
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Finally got the chance to meet some of the people that I have been communicating with in SPUG! Have been talking and crapping with the hilarious bunch of Spuggers for a few months already and we finally decided to meet and TCSS at Settler's Cafe.. It was quite an event and very fun!! :D

I came to know about SPUG through Mr D and have enjoyed myself in that forum ever since. SPUG stands for Singapore Palm User Group. Its basically a forum for geeks to discuss about the latest gadgets and PDAs there. The irony is that I don't even own any handheld, not to mention any PDAs! The only handhelds that I have are my hands which I have been holding for 25 years! Does that count?! :D One reason why I love that forum so much is cos of its Off-Topic Chat. One can talk about anything under the sun and get sunburnt or in the water and get drowned there. The main reason why I liked this forum so much is cos it has a very healthy culture and most of the people there talk sense.. The arrangement of the threads in the forums are also very tidy and neat, without users' avatars.. Try reading through the posts in Hardware Zone Forums and you will know what I meant.. Just looking through and trying to make sense out of all the threads there is going to kill me!! I rather let Ozzie lick my toes!!

Anyway, back to the gathering.. A bunch of us decided to meet up for a Talk Cock Sing Song session at Settler's Cafe.. To those who have not gone there, GO! Its a cosy place for people to talk and play games there. There are all kinds of card games, board games etc at this place and the finger food served there are quite nice too, though a bit on the salty side.. And it was there that I realized that I have a hidden talent in Taboo! So shiok to beat the guys there..!! :D

Its a little funny that the group of us can have so much things to talk about in reality as well as online in the forum..! I don't warm up to strangers easily and yet I was able to talk to Mashi, dk99 and WW as if we were friends who meet up each week..!

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