Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Container packing

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When I saw how the cars are being packed inside containers the previous time, I have always wanted to take some pictures of the process but I don want to bring a camera and go shooting at the workers while they are working.. Don want them to think I am some spy trying to see if they are eating snake or not!

But I got lucky today! Ah Beng need my help to print out some of the pictures that customer want us to look. And so I secretly saved some of the pictures and upload them here! :D I am a naughty girl!!

Anyway, the whole process is actually really interesting. The cars are being held up by ropes, belts and planks and stacked on top of each other. Each container have the capacity to contain 5 cars at the most, although there were some situations when 6 small cars can be packed but those are only for cars like Nissan March.

As you can see from the pictures, the tightening of the ropes and the belts have to be very precise. The positioning of the planks have to be really proper too. This is because while the containers are being transported on sea, the ropes can come loose if the vessels shake too much and then the cars on the top will toppled down and crushed the ones below. Actually if you look carefully, the car on the bottom in this picture has been crushed by the one on top and the condition is really bad. Thats why we had to print out this pictures and dispute with the customers on whose fault was it that the cars were crushed..!

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