Sunday, March 27, 2005


transparent Powerbook screen
Originally uploaded by blurfroggie.

Check out this cool iBook! A new age kinda of screen! Imagine the look of your friends if you really were to own such a lappie.. Their eyes would probably pop out!!! Heh!

In actual fact this is a very well-done photoshop editing..

1st- with a tripod take a picture of your desk without the computer on it.
2nd- take a picture now with the computer on the desk.
3rd - open both pictures in photoshop and paste one of the pictures over the other as a new layer.
4th- make a selection of the area of the computer desktop and copy it from the image that has no computer.
5th- the image might be skewed due to screen positioning. Use the free transform funtion and drag all corners of the selection to match the picture canvas.
6th- use this image as the desktop in the computer.
7th with camera still in position, take a picture and the illusion will be created.

voila!! Now you are officially owning a lappie with a transparent screen!

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