Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sponsorship to the hospital

I almost got involved in an accident today and ended up earning a sponsorship to the hospital, in the words of Mike.

I was riding as a pillion on his bike this evening; he was sending me home from work. We happened to be the remaining 2 in the office and he offered to send me home. I was enjoying the ride in the cold wind, clearing my head of work related issues and some complicated personal issues. It was a very smooth sailing ride. Until I reached my place.

Near the junction outside my place, where he had to make a right turn into my place, there was this brown Beamer in front of us. The driver was chiong-ing and turning right, never even stopping to take notice of an oncoming white car that was also chiong-ing straight into the Beamer's path. The Beamer should have stopped and let the white car pass cos it was the red lights and it should not turn at all in the first place. But since it was already in the oncoming path of the white car, common sense would have prompted the driver of the Beamer to chiong all the way and avoid the oncoming car.

The fucking moron of the driver chose to stop in the path of the oncoming car.

Fortunately, the driver of the white car was alert and sharp enough to swerve and avoid hitting the Beamer.

Me and Mike were directly behind the Beamer and saw everything, in slow motion, Matrixy style.

Then, as the white car passed and the brown Beamer continued in its path, Mike raced up beside the brown Beamer to look at the driver.

It was driven by a female driver.

And she was sms-ing or dialing on her handphone.

When I was getting off Mike's bike, he said, "Lucky the white car swerved, otherwise we would have been sponsored."

"What sponsored?" I asked.

"Sponsored to the hospital lor. If the white car hit the BMW, it would have turned behind and hit us directly. We would have flown off the bike and got sponsored to the hospital lor."

"Then MO would jump." I called my boss MO.

And so, I almost got sponsored to the hospital today.

I think I have had enough of riding as pillion on bikes. Riding on a bike does not only mean you have to trust the driver, it also means you have to trust ALL drivers on the road to not knock on your bike. And the chances of surviving intact in an accident while riding as a pillion is almost as high as jumping off a cliff and not splitting your head on the rocks below the cliff. I know cos I got a colleague whose boyfriend lost his hand while riding as a pillion on a bike.


DK said...

Provided you need to go hospital. Scare is go Lim Chu Kang directly lor.

Paddy Tan - said...

Manage to take down the car plate number? Write in to the TP about this.

iRis said...

DK: yea, sekali the next time you see me, I would be 6 feet under..

Paddy: nope, did not cos we were too busy trying to speed up to take a look at the driver..